Being in the right place in the right time

NirYou offers a new way to find partners through a nostalgic approach, where one must be in a near location and offer a common interest such as drinking, eating, or running. Once that offer is accepted, the match may call the partner. No more scrolling through thousands of profiles, no more texting and not receiving replies. A match is a match with NirYou.

look who is around

They might leave soon

  • Being the the right place in the right time never was so easy to utilize
  • With a Km radius, partners might leave, so try your luck!
interactive emojis

Send and activity, mood, or whatever emoji you want!

by using emojis, NirYou gives you hundreds of possibilities to send your partner, and the easiest way to find a common interest. Thinking about drinking? Send a beer emoji! Maybe you want to go bowling? It’s almost endless possibilities.


What Makes NirYou Different

NirYou utilizes different aspects of dating and gathers them together.This allows to bring nostalgic methods, which we still believe in, to a modern take.

location based interface

NirYou uses location based interface to display people who are near to your location.

emoji friendly

NirYou cuts back on messaging and simplifies the experience to emojis. With hundreds of emojis, there is so much to talk about!

Phone calls

NirYou believes messaging complicates the first few stages of a relationship due to interpretation of text, subjects, and tones.
Therefore, with NirYou after you have been matched, you just call!

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